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Jess's Journal of Jargon

Whiskas Works on Wednesdays (I like alliteration)

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31 March
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I love Jesus. I love my family. I love Michelle Branch. I love my friends from home. I love my friends from PC. I love Johnny Depp. I love Russell Crowe. I love the New England Patriots. I love the Sox. I love pysch. And, of course... I love music.

MUSIC! Everything is music! Crash, boom, bang, ching, chang, yeeowwwwwww!

"What we do in life echoes an eternity."
~ Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe)
accents, acting, all you wanted, alliteration, american dreams, american idol, are you happy now, art, avril lavigne, ballet, be not nobody, being me, breathe, britney spears, broken bracelet, calcium, captain jack sparrow, carols, catholicism, charlotte church, christian music, christina aguilera, clay aiken, concert choir, dancing, danielle rose, dean cain, dreaming, dreaming of you, elderly people, everywhere, fall, falling, family, fenwick, fettucini alfredo, fools, football, friends, fruit roll-ups, game of love, gameboy, gamecube, gay guys, gladiator, god, goodbye to you, guitar, gushers, hanging out, harry potter, hotel paper, impression: sunrise, impressionism, interpret as you like, jazz, jesus, jewel, johnny depp, jumanji, kelly clarkson, kina grannis, kinko, kiss 108, lady sovereign, late-night conversations, laughing, lisa loeb, listening, little kids, liturgical choir, living, m2m, mandy moore, meeting michelle branch, memories, metroid, michelle branch, milk, monet, movie nights, mr. cunniff, mr. k, mrs. doubtfire, music, music therapy, nintendo, no doubt, not physics, not pizzalovers, ocd, oliver james, only hope, ordinary day, orlando bloom, palindromes, passion of the christ, patriots, people who are real, performing, philosophy, pictures, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, pokemon, procrastinating, psychology, realness, red sox, religion, robyn, rollercoasters, russell crowe, savvy, selena, sensitivity, shane west, show me love, simple plan, singing, skippy, sleeping, snl, sometimes, song-writing, songs, spanish, spirituality, stacie orrico, star-gazing, sugar ray, summer nights, super nintendo, sweet misery, talking on the phone, tap, telling stories, the meaning of life, the spirit room, theology, twizzlers, van gogh, vanessa carlton, videogames, wal-mart, watchamacallit, whiskas, will and grace, writing, zelda

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