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C is for Cookie (it's good enough for me- hey!)

Well, Martha gave me a "C," so I thought I'd try this.... Besides, I have nothing better to do, while I am waiting for *certain people* to talk to right now.............

List 10 songs that begin with the letter given to you and explain why you picked them. Comment and I shall give you a letter.

1. Change the World ~ Eric Clapton
Okay, honestly, this is just the first song I thought of when I thought of "C" songs. I guess it's appropriate for me kinda right now...
"...but for now I find it's only in my dreams that I can change the world..."

2. C is for Cookie ~ Cookie Monster (Sesame Street)
Again, the second song that naturally just popped into my mind (*pop*)! Actually, I am a bit upset I didn't think of this one first.... But oh well, not how my mind was working at the time. But yeah, it's a good song, and it's fun, and right now I am staring at a box of Caramel Delites Girl Scout cookies on my desk which I am tempted to eat, but am deciding not to eat because it is Lent and a Friday and no snacking during Lent on Fridays!! But at midnight, that will change... and it is mos' DEF good enough for me (hey)!

3. Call Me When You're Sober ~ Evanescence
Well, this is just a great song, which I thoroughly enjoy belting at the top of my lungs in my car when I am driving and happen across it on the radio. Also, Gina Glocksen sung it, like, two weeks or so ago on American Idol and did an amazing job with it. (And to reference Emily- she is soooooooo the Nikki McKibbon of Season Six)!

4. Creep ~ TLC
This just popped into my mind. Actually, it's kind of inside joke which I used to post on my Facebook in the "About me" section. Basically, I am creepy and stalk people who I want to know more about (people who *may...or may not* even know I exist), so one day when talking with Manny I think I may have referenced the lyrics in this song and how they apply to me, as a joke. "So I creep, yeah, just creep, yeah.... oh-wah, oh-wah, oh-waaaaaaahhhhhh!" The best part was prob the end, there, with the "oh-wahs." Ask me to sing it sometime, and I'd be more than happy to demonstrate.

5. Cry ~ James Blunt
This song was just playing on my play list, so I decided to put it down. It's really a beautiful song, from one friend to another. The singer discusses the hard times he's been through, and so he just wants to let his friend know that now that the friend is going through some hard times, the singer will be there for his friend if he needs a shoulder on which to cry. I've used this on several mix CDs I have made for friends going through tough times... I find it quite powerful. I can play my own *slightly more girly* version on guitar, too.... Just beautiful.... and sad.... but nice.

6. Can You Feel the Love Tonight? ~ Simba & Nala (The Lion King)
This song is also on my playlist right now! I just looooooove this song, and I love The Lion King (the Disney movie and the Broadway show and all the music in both). So amazing!! But anyways, this song reminds me of eighth grade, because it used to be one of "my songs" for the guy I had a crush on at the time named Gary. Andrea would prob remember this... haha. What even was I thinking back then?!

7. Como la Flor ~ Selena
I just love Selena, and this song (also on my playlist) means that, "like the flower" I know that I have to wilt and die, because you have moved on with your new love and I am glad you are happy.... but oh, how I hurt. (Again, Andrea gets why I like this song so much.... good times).

8. Cigarettes AND Crazy People ~ The Wreckers
Sorry, I couldn't pick just one! Both are amazing songs, and The Wreckers are also amazing.... Crazy People is fun, and I love the chorus which states, "only crazy people fall in love with me," which I feel is true, but just that line and not the rest of the song, seeing as it goes on to discuss how robbers and cheaters and stealers and killers fall in love with "me" (aka The Wreckers).... so yeah... no. And as for Cigarettes, again- chorus = true, but not the rest (seeing as I do not smoke cigarettes; Emily and Carlos would like this song).
"Someday, maybe somebody will love me like I need
And someday, I won't have to prove 'cause somebody will see all my worth
But until then I'll do just fine on my own..."

9. Candy ~ Mandy Moore
I just love Mandy Moore and this song! It reminds me of high school and some good times.... Honestly, when I look back at Mandy's first CD, I see why she now looks back on it and asks herself, "What WAS I thinking?" She was soooooooo trying to be Brit Brit back then, and sooooooooo not succeeding. But Candy is still a good song, regardless. But yeah, I am glad she is more herself now, doin' her thang, yo. But yeah, I sung part of this song for a talent show senior year of high school, and received a standing ovation.... Oh, how I miss performing... I've got to get to some more open mics.

10. Champagne Supernova ~ Oasis
Well, besides the fact that I just came back from Florida and sunny, 80-degree weather and palm trees and beaches and pools yesterday (which now feels like an "oasis" seeing as I am surrounded by snow and ice and cold)...... I guess it's pretty self-explanatory, and flows from some of the above explanations to my song choices (if you actually managed to read all of those up there, lol... Kudos to you... no, I see you have a box of Kudos, there....)

"Someday you will find me caught beneath the landslide
Of a champagne supernova in the sky..."
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