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Mostly Three Weeks Ago, but also One Year Ago...

Well, today (aka technically yesterday, but I haven't been to bed yet so I am still calling it "today") made me think of how three weeks ago, my uncle passed away. I keep thinking about it, but especially Wednesday nights and Thursdays it seems to be on my mind more so than during any other time of the week...

What is interesting, though, is that I just realized that January 31st one year ago was quite a day, too.... It's weird because I knew it had been coming up for a while, and I kept thinking about it beforehand, and then it came... and passed.... and then at 12-something am on February 1st, I remembered that I had forgot to remember it was one year ago January 31st. Instead, I had been thinking about how it was three weeks ago January 31st.

Somehow, the three weeks ago still seems more important. More real. More... consuming my mind. One year ago.... I care about, but not as much as three weeks ago.

Three weeks.... 3.... 21 days ago... versus 52 weeks.... 365 days.

2 + 1 = 3.

Three weeks.........

...I still have not quite been able to pick up the guitar since three weeks ago. I seriously considered it today, but I "ran out of time." I suppose I could have made time if I really wanted to... Oh, well. Maybe next week at this time... Maybe next Wednesday. Almost one month later. Or maybe on February 10th. And now I am dealing with the anniversary of Papa's death, too. February 4th. And his birthday was the 11th. Valentine's Day just blows every year. Every... single... year.

And 2007 is not starting off on a happy note.... More like a minor chord, instead. *insert Dr. Cichy face here*

That paper is still not finished. Li'l G part the second.
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