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Apparently, I am more of a "P" than a "J" type of person.

Strangely enough, I took the Myers-Briggs inventory for my Vocational class at Les U the other day... So my "P" means I am a more, "go with the flow, spontaneous" kind of person. So ALLEGEDLY, I may be more spontaneous than I originally thought. Okay, maybe I am not making spontaneous decisions every second of my life. But I am usually making spontaneous-like decisions in order to avoid doing the work I have to for school. It's weird too, because I don't like schedules because they feel confining, but I often like to make them for myself because I feel I should and I feel better about myself afterwards, but then I tend only to follow them when it comes to things I HAVE to do (ie go to class, go to work, babysit, go to Church). Whenever I make schedules for my time off, I never follow them.

As for the organization part of J people, I kind of always thought of myself as fairly organized.... But then I think about it, and it's more along the lines of "I WANT to be organized." Am I actually? Well, yes and no. Ok, right now my room is not the best example. However, if you were to look inside my drawers and in my closet, most things are neatly put in place. Also, when it comes to clubs in which I am involved, I am pretty well-organized with binders and folders and such. I am also majorly OCD when it comes to certain things... but that's prob an entirely separate issue. (hehe.... "uh-shooh")

So in conclusion, I am P, but only by a smidge. I still greatly admire truly spontaneous people, who can just up and leave and take a road trip to another state for the weekend out of nowhere, and things of this nature. Yet at the same time, I also have much respect for people who are truly organized, who actually follow through and MAINTAIN organization for extended periods of time. However, too much organization and togetherness and uptightness is frustrating for me, too. So basically.... I am P. Barely and confusedly.... but I am still a P.
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